• What kind of Church is New Beginnings?

    New Beginnings is unlike any modern day mega, large, or stadium filled venue. Our church is very unique. Here are seven things we consider unique today:

    1. We use the Bible in every service (KJV) is always displayed

    2. We may use hymnals (still have these in the pews)

    3. We may use projection and modern contemporary songs

    4. We know each other and enjoy spending time together serving the Lord

    5. We don't use small groups because we are a small group and we do this without even having to think about it

    6. We have no paid employees and the majority of our budget is used for the Kindgom of the Lord - no big salaries here, no need for a million dollar budget

    7. We specialize in family worship, church, and everything family (being together)

    Check back from time to time and we will update what we consider unique. If you are tired of the hype and looking for something simple, God honoring, and something you can be a part of, then you have found it here at New Beginnings.

  • No Wednesday Night Service on Nov 22nd

  • Fulton Baby Shower Nov 19th after morning service

  • Thanksgiving Meal after Morning Service

Adult Bible Study
Pastor: Brian Merchant

The Adult Bible Study meets on Wednesday Nights at 7pm